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A professionally handled portfolio management as well as expert investment advice does not just focus on an optimal portfolio structure, long-term economic and monetary trends and short-term changes in the securities and currency prices.

For many years, PAA Capital Group of Companies has been recognized for its competence in the management of business and associated transaction banking. Similar to the European manufacturing industry which has been active worldwide since the post-war era, a strong internationalization has manifested itself in the banking industry. We are noticing an increasing mobility worldwide which requires support from financial services. Transaction banking and associated services are based on these facts.

Addressing the personal interests and wishes of the client also consists of a detailed look at income, capital gains and consideration of regulations on inheritance or succession. As a part of these considerations complete tax transparency applies on one hand and the scope of company law in the applying jurisdictions included on the other.

You are the focus

We know our clients regardless of the size of investments, investments or material assets. Personal consultation is not just a slogan for us.

Our independence is your advantage

Our independence from investment companies and trustees facilitates it for us to always put the interests of the client at the heart of our actions.

High discretion and trust are the basis of long-term and intensive client service

We understand data privacy. All client data is processed with the aid of our own internal computer system. We do not use data centers.