PAA Fee Schedule for Transaction Accounts






Account opening fee (Personal/Corporate)      EUR   2500.00/5000.00
Monthly Administrative fee (Corporate Accounts) EUR 30.00
Monthly Administrative fee (Personal Accounts)      EUR 20.00



Payment transaction fees

Transfer between accounts        0%, no min.
Transfer between users      0%, no min.
Card Funding Transfer     3.0%
Incoming payments (Personal/Corporate)      0.4%, min. EUR/USD/GBP 30.00/ 0.5%, min. EUR/USD/GBP 30.00
Outgoing payments (Personal/Corporate)      0.4%, min. EUR/USD/GBP 40.00/ 0.5%, min. EUR/USD/GBP 40.00


In addition, regular payment transaction expenses (foreign bank charges) are also charged in accordance with separate tariffs.

Miscellaneous, Special Requests, High Risk Countries Involvement

According to expenditure

Tracer request - EUR 50 per item

Swift or transfer copy - 3 requests free per month. Additional EUR 50 per request.

PAA CAPITAL reserves the right to make amendments to the above-mentioned tariff at any time. The client will be advised of these by circular or by other suitable means and will be deemed to have been approved unless a written objection is received by PAA CAPITAL within one month after the date of notification.


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